Reviews And Awards

  • 2013 Security Innovation Survey: Voted #1 By Practitioners

    OpenDNS was recognized by over 250 security practitioners as the delivering the most value vs. 83 other enterprise security startups in Justin Somaini’s (current Chief Trust Officer at Box, former CISO at Yahoo and Symantec) ‘Red List’.

    “OpenDNS came out way ahead of all other vendors… with 43% of people saying they provide ‘High Value’… Competitively, it looks like they have a solid ownership as I struggle to see anyone competing with them in their space.” – Justin Somaini

  • World Economic Forum: 2011 Technology Pioneer

    “To be selected as a Technology Pioneer, a company must be involved in the development of a major technology and/or innovation and have the potential for long-term impact on business and society… and its technology must be proven.”

  • Lifehacker: Best Content Filtering Tool

    “OpenDNS won by a landslide for its ease of use and the security that comes from having it completely out of reach of the end user.”

  • Business Week: Most Promising Tech Entrepreneur Under 30

    “Ulevitch wants to change the way you call up Web sites. So his company, OpenDNS, has come up with what it considers a faster, smarter, and more secure method for translating requested URLs into corresponding sites.”

  • Business Week: 50 Best Tech Startups

    “About 12 million customers, ranging from Detroit Public Schools to soccer moms, use the free service OpenDNS to filter out certain Web sites, block phishing attacks, and load Web pages faster.”

  • PC World: 100 Best Products of 2008

    “PhishTank is an information clearinghouse where you can report or find data on phishers, spammers, and anybody else who’s trying to rip off nice people on the Internet.”

  • CNET's Webware 100: 2008 Winner

    “OpenDNS also lets IT admins get a very high level of control over sites and services its users are trying to access including domain blocking, whitelisting, and content filtering.”

  • PC World: 25 Web Sites to Watch

    “OpenDNS speeds up the translation (called ‘name resolution’) by handling the process on its own high-speed DNS servers.”

  • SC Magazine: Market Entrepreneur, David Ulevitch

    Founder and CTO David Ulevitch is included among SC Magazine’s picks for 2009 “Market Entrepreneurs,” a selection of security company founders who’ve introduced significant innovations to the security market.

  • Lifehacker: The best apps of 2006

    “For anyone whose ISP is cranky about resolving web pages, OpenDNS’ free, fast, and huge distributed database of domain names can seriously speed up your web browsing session.”