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  • Aug 25, 2010 - OpenDNS Logs Biggest Growth Week in Company History

    Combination of factors, including rave New York Times review and unprecedented sales momentum, results in biggest growth week on record

    OpenDNS, the world’s largest and fastest-growing provider of Internet navigation and security services that make networks safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, today announced that it experienced record growth last week, with total user count, account creations, sales and other business-health-indicating metrics skyrocketing. In addition to record sales of OpenDNS Deluxe, the subscription service designed for home users, OpenDNS Enterprise, the premium cloud content filtering and security service, continues to demonstrate unprecedented momentum as more and more businesses, schools and organizations switch to the service.

    On Thursday, Aug. 18, The New York Times consumer tech columnist David Pogue began his weekly piece with the words, “I’m about to make your life better. No need to thank me.” He went on to write a glowing review of OpenDNS, recommending that all his readers use it to improve their online experience. The story was the most emailed tech story of the week.

    In addition, the OpenDNS sales team finalized contracts for OpenDNS Enterprise with Fortune 100 companies, large school districts across the country and some of the biggest retails chains in the U.S.

    The result is OpenDNS’ biggest growth week ever. Week over week account creation was up 150 percent. Thursday, Aug. 18 was the biggest account creation day ever in OpenDNS’ four-year history, with account creation up 370 percent.

    “OpenDNS is firing on all cylinders, and while we’re enjoying our momentum and growth, we’re certainly not resting on our laurels. All departments within the company are focused on both growing our user base and making OpenDNS an even better solution than it is today,” said David Ulevitch, OpenDNS CEO.

    Key growth statistics for Aug 15-22:
    • Account creations were up nearly seven times average.
    • OpenDNS Deluxe had its best selling day ever and its best week of 2010
    • Pageviews on sykrocketed by several multiples.
    • DNS queries hit the highest consistent levels ever; just shy of 27 billion per day
    • More than 1,000 individual tweets and retweets about OpenDNS in the two days after the article was published

    About OpenDNS
    OpenDNS is the world’s leading provider of Internet navigation and security services that make networks safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Through DNS resolution, cloud-based Web content filtering and security services, OpenDNS empowers millions of households, schools and businesses to control how users navigate the Internet on their network, while dramatically increasing the network’s overall performance and reliability. For more information about OpenDNS, please visit: