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Business Product Overview

Umbrella Overview

Predict and prevent attacks before they happen

OpenDNS provides a cloud-delivered network security service, Umbrella, that delivers automated protection against advanced attacks for any device, anywhere.

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Threat Protection Unlike Any Other

OpenDNS not only blocks malware, botnets and phishing over any port, protocol or app, but also detects and contains advanced attacks before they can cause damage.

  • View new network security activity in real time with globally aggregated reports.

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  • Pinpoint devices infected or users targeted by advanced attacks to reduce the time to remediation.

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  • Comply with internal acceptable use policies or regulatory requirements with up to 60 content categories.

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<i class='threat-protection'></i> Threat Protection Unlike Any Other

Predictive Intelligence

OpenDNS Security Graph uses big-data analytics and machine learning to automate protection against both known and unknown threats.

  • Layer predictive security to complement reactive signature-based or real-time behavior-based security.

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  • Expand situational awareness beyond the network activity from your devices and sites with our global threat visibility.

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<i class='predictive-intelligence'></i> Predictive Intelligence

Worldwide Coverage in Minutes

OpenDNS protects devices anywhere and stays always up-to-date with no hardware to install, no software to maintain and no admin intervention required.

  • Instantly secures devices–even those you don’t own–across all decentralized networks via clientless DHCP.

  • Easily secure devices inside or outside the network perimeter via auto-updated lightweight agents.

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  • Seamlessly extend FireEye’s protection to devices and sites beyond the FireEye perimeter with just a few clicks.

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<i class='worldwide-coverage'></i> Worldwide Coverage in Minutes

No Added Latency

With OpenDNS there is no need to reroute every connection through proxy or VPN gateways to secure mobile users or remote offices.

  • No extra “hops” because external DNS traffic is simply resolved in the cloud by OpenDNS rather than the ISP.

  • Only a few connections are transparently routed through our proxy when we must inspect below the DNS layer.

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<i class='no-latency'></i> No Added Latency

Proven Reliability

The OpenDNS Global Network handles more than two percent of the world’s Internet requests daily with 100 percent uptime.

  • In 2006, our mission was to build the most reliable DNS service on the planet, and unlike others, we have always provided operational visibility.

    System Status

  • Today, our security uses the same foundation trusted by over 50 million daily- active users across 160 countries, including ISPs.

    Network Map

<i class='proven-reliability'></i> Proven Reliability