Cloud-Delivered Network Security

Umbrella’s enterprise threat protection is powered by predictive Security Graph intelligence.

Umbrella reduces the risk and impact of security breaches by blocking malicious Internet connections. Unlike antivirus or sandboxes, we block known and unknown threats by malicious domains, URLs or IPs. And unlike pure proxies, we contain botnet callbacks from infected devices over any port, protocol or app.


  • Stay Ahead of Attacks
    OpenDNS predicts attacks before they begin or cause damage. Security Graph combines our unique visibility of over 2% of the world’s Internet requests with big data analytics to see attacks as they’re being set up.

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  • No Latency or Complexity
    Proxying every Web connection slows traffic, invades privacy, and can break sites. Based on intelligence, OpenDNS routes and proxies only connections that require deeper inspection below the domain-level.

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  • Prevent Malware Infections
    Umbrella predictively blocks connections to malicious infrastructures, greatly reducing the risk of infections or the need for time-consuming cleanup.

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  • Contain Botnet Callbacks
    Umbrella uniquely stops malware-infected devices from phoning home for new updates or to exfiltrate data. Since malware relies on domains as rendezvous points to connect to their botnet controllers, Umbrella is in a unique position to block that connection over any port or protocol.

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  • Block Phishing Sites
    Don’t rely on your users to spot a phish. Umbrella protects against fraudulent Websites that attempt to steal their login credentials–often the same as those used to access corporate networks and cloud apps.

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What Customers are Saying

  • Umbrella protects us far better than other solutions because it stops threats from ever entering our network. It’s a feature I wouldn’t want to be without as it keeps our users safe and reduces the amount of work we have to perform repairing machines that have been infected.

    Ryan Pierce, network engineer

From the Security Labs

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