Secure Guest Wi-Fi Hotspots

Deploy rock-solid Web filtering across Wi-Fi hotspots in minutes. Umbrella scales as far as you need it to, and a bit further.

Why Umbrella for securing your Wi-Fi hotspots?

Whether you’re seeking a Web filtering and network security solution for just one hotspot or several thousand, Umbrella can be deployed across all in just a day and easily managed through a centralized Web-based account. No other service has that reach or capability. Explore Umbrella today and see why it’s already securing tens of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.


  • The most scalable solution available. Simple to deploy across multiple locations.

    Umbrella is a cloud-delivered service that can be deployed to protect just one or thousands of Wi-Fi hotspot locations in a matter of minutes, and without any hardware. Managing the service is easy through a centralized Web-based dashboard. No on-site maintenance or upgrades required. It’s really that simple.

  • Guarantee fast Internet and an excellent customer experience.

    Uncontrolled Internet access can present issues with one or two users consuming all available bandwidth through peer-to-peer, video streaming and other high-bandwidth activities, leaving other users with slow, suboptimal Internet access. Ensure a consistently positive Internet experience across your entire user base by using Umbrella to control which categories of Internet activity you wish to permit.

  • Control access and protect your brand, across all network-connected devices.

    Wireless Internet access is a standard benefit today’s businesses provide to their patrons. But a customer’s exposure to inappropriate content on another patron’s computer or tablet can tarnish your brand. Or a customer’s infected device launching attacks from your hotspots can tarnish your network reputation. Umbrella lets you ensure the Internet experience you provide remains safe, family-friendly and consistent with your brand — across all network-connected devices.

What Customers are Saying

  • Adding Umbrella to our tool belt allows us to focus on running our own core wireless network solutions and further develop new features. Knowing that we can offer security solutions with guaranteed 100 percent uptime reassures us that there are no weak links in the chain.

    Oliver Malkin, WiFi SPARK Marketing and Communications Manager

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