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Umbrella is for Everyone

Umbrella takes a new cloud-delivered, DNS-based approach to Web security, giving you the flexibility to secure any network, location, device, port, protocol or app.


Small and Medium Business

You should not sacrifice protection because of the size of your organization, but managing security for your small- to medium-sized business shouldn’t be your full-time job, either. Umbrella’s cloud-delivered, DNS-based service offers enterprise-class security that is simple to manage and scales to any bandwidth pipe size with no complex growth forecasting. With no hardware to buy or software to manage, Umbrella allows you to focus on the needs of your business while giving you peace of mind that your network and employees are protected.

Large Businesses

Even the most seasoned IT admins are struggling to secure their networks against today’s advanced threats. Employees work from home, coffee shops, airports and other unsecured environments. BYOD users bring malware-infected devices back to your network. You are losing visibility due to cloud-based apps and storage like Salesforce, Drop Box and Google Apps. Umbrella is the first comprehensive Web security solution built with today’s threats and users in mind.

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K-12 Schools and Libraries

Whether you need to block content on stationary computers in a classroom or lab, secure the networks accessed by students, faculty and guests or ensure ubiquitous protection for your 1:1 program, Umbrella gives you insight and control over how your school and students use the Internet. Plus, with Umbrella you will painlessly meet CIPA compliance and your budget goals.

Higher Education

Until now it has been nearly impossible to overcome the security challenges facing higher education. From securing your network from malware and botnets, battling the often malware-infected student and faculty-owned devices that come on and off the network, and regaining control over skyrocketing bandwidth consumption, it can seem like an uphill battle. With flexible pricing and unprecedented scalability and reach, Umbrella is here to help you overcome the impossible.

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Wi-Fi Hotspots

Managed Wi-Fi Providers

The demand for Wi-Fi hotspots is ever increasing. It’s also now more important than ever to provide your customers with security that protects their brand and their bandwidth. Umbrella offers scalable, simple-to-deploy-and-manage Wi-Fi hotspot security that is used today in tens of thousands of locations.

Retail and Hospitality Wi-Fi

Offering guest Wi-Fi adds tremendous value for your business, but it also puts you at risk. In just a few minutes, you can ensure your Wi-Fi hotspots are subject to your desired acceptable use policies. Since cloud-delivered, DNS-based Umbrella scales on demand, you’ll never have to worry about predicting how many customers are on your networks at any given time.

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Managed Service Providers

If you’re frustrated with expensive, difficult-to-manage security products and tired of spending time cleaning up malware instead of focusing on the growth of your business, then join the thousands of MSPs that trust Umbrella for Managed Service Providers today. Umbrella secures distributed and centralized networks, and even workers that leave the office with off-network laptops and mobile devices.


Stop worrying about hardware, software or hundreds of features that do not actually make your customers’ networks more secure. Umbrella is a cloud-delivered, DNS-based solution you can count on to effectively secure your customers’ networks without complicated deployment or management.

Technology Integrations

Integrating with Umbrella means your customers can secure all of their users in about 30 seconds. Join Aruba Networks, AeroHive, CradlePoint, and other leading technology companies that integrate with Umbrella. It’s easy, as all integration is done through an API.

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