The OpenDNS Global Network

Our security leverages the OpenDNS Global Network, the world’s largest security network. With geographically distributed data centers serving 50 million active users daily in more than 160 countries, with the industry’s best uptime.

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Peering Fabric:

The combination of our security services and the OpenDNS Global Network provides the ultimate in coverage, efficacy, and performance, protecting users on any device at any time.

Internet connectivity is optimized via transparent load-balanced Anycast routing — advertising identical service IP addresses everywhere — and co-locating with the most top Internet exchange points across three continents — shortening routes between OpenDNS and every network.

Simply put, we are directly connected to all the top places you visit on the Internet.

Our Datacenters:

City, State Facility Peering Fabric IPv4 IPv6
Seattle, WA The Westin Building SeattleIX
Palo Alto, CA Switch & Data PAIX 2620:0:CC3::/48
Los Angeles, CA Equinix Los Angeles Equinix Los Angeles 2620:0:CC8::/48
Dallas, TX Dallas Infomart Equinix Dallas 2620:0:CC6::/48
Chicago, IL 350 E. Cermak Equinix Chicago/ChicagoIX 2620:0:CC5::/48
New York, NY 111 8th Ave NYIIX/Equinix New York 2620:0:CC9::/48
Ashburn, VA Equinix Ashburn Equinix Ashburn 2620:0:CCB::/48
Miami, FL Nap of the Americas NOTA
London, UK Telehouse North LINX/LoNAP
Frankfurt, DE Equinix Frankfurt DE-CIX 2620:0:CC7::/48
Amsterdam, NL TeleCity 1 AMS-IX 2620:0:CC4::/48
Singapore, SG Equinix Singapore Equinix Singapore 2620:0:CCA::/48
Hong Kong Mega iAdvantage Hong Kong Internet Exchange 2620:0:CCE::/48
Prague, CZ Sitel Prague / CE Colo Prague NIX CZ
Copenhagen, DK Global Connect Copenhagen COPHIX
Paris, FR Telehouse Paris 2 (Voltaire) FraceIX
Berlin, DE I/P/B/ Carrier Colo Berlin BCIX and ECIX Berlin
Warsaw, PL LIM Warsaw PLIX
Bucharest, RO NXDATA-1 Private Peering Available
Sydney, AU Equinix Sydney Equinix Sydney 2620:0:CCF::/48