Amplify FireEye's threat protection

The world’s newest currency is data

Criminal organizations and nation states are adapting new technologies and approaches to manipulate and steal data, and the erosion of the secure network perimeter is leaving off-network devices vulnerable to attack.

A force multiplier for your security investments

Data, systems and people are located everywhere, and appliances only provide protection inside the perimeter. Using OpenDNS and FireEye together, customers can extend the secure FireEye perimeter to the cloud and transparently protect any user and any device, in any location against sophisticated attacks.

Enforcement everywhere:
Contain attacks beyond your perimeter

fireeye-extended-@2xFireEye discovers advanced malware targeting your organization and analyzes multi-protocol callbacks that attempt to exfiltrate your data to botnet controllers. FireEye’s real-time notification system sends indicators of compromise, such as botnet domains, to OpenDNS’s enforcement platform—Umbrella. By adding a lightweight agent on devices or pointing a network’s DNS requests to Umbrella, mobile users and branch offices are instantly protected from malware that evades signature-based tools.

Predictive intelligence:
Prevent threats before they happen

fireeye-layer-@2xEvery second, OpenDNS’s intelligence platform—Security Graph—acquires and learns from over 1 million malicious and non-malicious Internet events. OpenDNS continuously monitors cyber-space for DNS infrastructures and IP networks used in attacks to uncover new threats. Umbrella is powered by Security Graph to provide another layer of advanced threat protection everywhere.

FireEye and OpenDNS partner to amplify protection against advanced cyber attacks.

  • 50-80% and rising
    According to Gartner and IDC analysts, anywhere from 50 to 80% of advanced threats and targeted attacks are missed by signature-based tools such as antivirus, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems.
  • more than 70%
    According to Gartner analysts, more than 70% of organizations’ Secure Web Gateways on corporate networks do not protect mobile clients and smaller branch offices when users are roaming.

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