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About Umbrella Security

Umbrella Security is the latest innovation brought to you by the minds that conceived OpenDNS-the world’s most loved and trusted Internet security and DNS service. We are people who believe that Internet security should be – must be – continually evolving to adapt to the changing nature of the threats and of how work gets done. People are increasingly working outside the office and using smartphones and tablets. They’re also shifting to cloud services like Google Apps, Salesforce, Box, etc., and regularly accessing unsecured Wi-Fi. We believe that a security company should strive to keep these users safe online no matter where they are or the device they are using while making the lives of IT administrators easy.

We believe that just because the Internet security industry is full of buzzwords and scare tactics doesn’t mean we have to be. We believe in treating customers like individuals, and proving it by providing service and support that is patient and informative.

Umbrella Security is built in the cloud from the ground up because appliances, software and “Franken-hybrid” solutions do not provide adequate security, flexibility or scalability in today’s rapidly changing threat landscape. We made sure Umbrella Security works everywhere, on all kinds of devices, because that’s how people really work. We built Umbrella on top of OpenDNS, the world’s largest Internet-wide security network, because we think global visibility is an essential ingredient for forecasting trends and preventing threats. And we’re just getting started.

See for yourself what OpenDNS is all about, or discover how Umbrella Security can help your business, and its people, be more secure.

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