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Cisco announces its intent to acquire OpenDNS

August 2015 — Cisco completed its acquisition of OpenDNS. You can learn more about this exciting announcement on this page. Please find an FAQ below, and links to Cisco’s press release, a letter from our CEO, and other important resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did Cisco buy OpenDNS?

    OpenDNS has built a global network that delivers advanced security solutions ‘as a service’ regardless of where offices or employees are located and in a way that is simple to deploy and easy to manage. As the world continues to adapt to a changing IT landscape brought about by the rapid adoption of mobile devices, cloud services, and an increasingly nomadic workforce, security needs to be everywhere, not just in the office. OpenDNS helps make that possible. Cisco is also excited about introducing the innovative advancements to threat research and threat-centric security that OpenDNS has developed to block the world’s most advanced cyber threats.

    Today, more than 65 million people use OpenDNS every day for a safer and faster Internet, including thousands of companies from Fortune 500’s to small businesses. But we are just scratching the surface of the online population and everybody needs better security. With Cisco’s incredible global reach, resources, and technologies we believe we can to accelerate our vision of helping people connect with confidence on any device, anywhere, anytime. We’ve shared more detail on our blog and you can read more from David Goeckeler, SVP and GM of Cisco Security, on

  2. But I love OpenDNS just the way it is. Will it change?

    Cisco loves OpenDNS, too, and has been an investor in the company and supporter long before this deal was announced. We are still selling and supporting our products. We’re all on the same page here, committed to making sure that what makes OpenDNS so great stays intact, and that includes the team. If you aren’t yet a customer, we’d love to start you on a free trial.

  3. Will OpenDNS continue to innovate and make its service better?

    Absolutely! That’s the whole idea. OpenDNS is joining the Security group at Cisco where talent, technologies, and resources will be amplified.

  4. How will Cisco and OpenDNS’ products work together?

    As part of the acquisition announcement, we also introduced the first product integration! You can now automatically turn intelligence from Cisco AMP Threat Grid into global threat prevention with OpenDNS Umbrella. Check out our feature brief and blog for more information.

    We’ll be able to share a more complete picture of the evolution of OpenDNS and Cisco products at a future time. OpenDNS’ capabilities complement Cisco’s existing security offerings, and together, we’ll enhance threat protection across the full attack continuum — before, during and after an attack.

  5. What does this mean for partnerships with FireEye, Check Point and others? Will OpenDNS continue to support its partner integrations?

    Yes, Cisco will continue to honor OpenDNS’ contracts with partners and customers, and support partner integrations.

  6. Does my license or support agreement change?

    Business as usual, which means we still prefer online support tickets to route your requests effectively, but phone support customers may still call directly to OpenDNS via normal channels. We will notify you in advance of any change to the support process.

  7. Will terms of my service change going forward?

    Like most cloud-delivered services, we strive to earn your business every day and upon every renewal. Your OpenDNS license and service terms will remain intact for the duration of the subscription period that you’ve purchased.

  8. Who should I call for support?

    Business as usual, which means we still prefer online support tickets to route your requests effectively, but phone support customers may still call directly to OpenDNS via normal channels.

  9. If I want to upgrade my OpenDNS services, who should I call?

    Business as usual. Continue to call your OpenDNS sales representative.

  10. Can I now buy OpenDNS from my Cisco reseller?

    Business as usual. Continue to call your OpenDNS reseller.

  11. What about free users? What happens to our service?

    The free service will continue to operate. It’s part of who we are, and Cisco loves who we are. We wouldn’t have entered into this agreement if we believed our free service would be in jeopardy. On contrary, Cisco’s commitment back to you is to maintain OpenDNS’s DNS services exactly as it is today. In their words: “This level of service for all users is a priority.”

  12. Is OpenDNS hiring?

    Yes! Now’s a great time to join OpenDNS. We’ve got an incredible team with more reach, potential, and resources than ever before. Current openings are posted on