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Umbrella eliminates any chance that our employees can interact with a potential risk, keeping our sensitive information, including customer information, as safe as possible.

Patrick Hooper, IT architecture services manager

Organization Snapshot

  • Location: 65 stores across 12 states
  • Number of employees protected: 1,500+
  • Industry: Retail
  • Why they’re using Umbrella: Proactive protection against malware and comprehensive remote management capabilities.

Eastern Mountain Sports Chooses Umbrella

The Problem:

Legacy system couldn’t protect employees from potentially harmful websites.

Although Eastern Mountain Sports had precautions in place to protect against viruses, the organization was still at risk of exposure to malware as its employees had unbound access to potentially harmful websites. Eastern Mountain Sports was running a legacy system that could not adopt to the changing Internet security threat landscape. The longer they ran this legacy system, the greater the risk they ran of having a serious malware infection.

They needed a solution that would prevent malware from entering the system as opposed to dealing with it once it had entered the system. In other words, a proactive, not reactive, solution. The company’s IT team was in search of a solution that would be powerful yet easy-to-manage, and could be deployed across a significant number of devices.

Furthermore, they needed a solution that could easily scale without breaking the bank so that they could focus on rapidly expanding their business without spending an excessive amount on Internet security.

The Solution:

Unique malware protection that easily covers all devices connected to the network.

After an extensive search, Eastern Mountain Sports chose Umbrella because the service offers an ideal combination of effectiveness, ease of management, and lowest total cost of ownership. The unique malware protection capabilities of Umbrella, which both disrupts traffic to harmful Internet sites and disable communications between a malware-infected machine and its online host, enable Eastern Mountain Sports to employ a more effective strategy to fight Internet threats and protect sensitive information.

“As a retailer, the security of our customer information and business data is paramount,” said Patrick Hooper, IT architecture services manager for Eastern Mountain Sports. “Umbrella eliminates any chance that our employees can interact with a potential risk, keeping our sensitive information, including customer information, as safe as possible.”

In addition to its unique malware-prevention functionality, Umbrella features comprehensive remote management capabilities. The entire Umbrella solution, from initial deployment to network monitoring and policy updates, can be managed from anywhere, on any Internet-connected device, all through a single Web-based Dashboard.

Since deploying Umbrella, the Eastern Mountain Sports IT team has been able to significantly reduce the amount of time spent remedying malware infections. Plus, there has been a significant reduction in the time users have to wait for modifications to content access privileges because the on-call network manager – no matter where he or she is located – can immediately handle them.


  1. Remote management capabilities
  2. Blocks malware and botnets at the request level
  3. Easy to deploy and manage for low overall total cost of ownership