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We needed the best protection available. Umbrella is known for 100 percent uptime and cloud-based services that are easy to deploy and simple to manage.

Oliver Malkin, WiFi SPARK Marketing and Communications Manager

Organization Snapshot

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Number of networks protected by Umbrella: 350
  • How they’re using Umbrella: Web filtering, protection against malware and botnets, 100 percent uptime for hundreds of customer networks

WiFi SPARK Relies on Umbrella

The Problem:

The search for a superior security service that never compromises on uptime.

WiFi SPARK is challenged with bringing dependable, secure Wi-Fi solutions to large and diverse public locations, including hotels, conference centers, marinas, cities and towns, healthcare organizations and holiday parks. These organizations trust WiFi SPARK to ensure the flawless provision of Wi-Fi and related services to their guests, as spotty Wi-Fi can quickly reduce a customer’s confidence in a business. In order to comprehensively secure their customers’ Wi-Fi networks, the team at WiFi SPARK was seeking an easy-to-deploy-and-manage security solution that could proactively block malicious and inappropriate content.

Oliver Malkin, Marketing and Communications Manager for WiFi SPARK, explained, “Security is imperative for our clients and a principle on which we won’t compromise. It’s vital that we provide our clients protection from malicious sites and the option to filter content they deem inappropriate.” Moreover, WiFi SPARK is driven by the principle that customer downtime due to vendor outages is unacceptable. “Our customers depend on us for one hundred percent uptime and superior performance, so in turn we demand the same from the vendors we select as partners.”

The Solution:

A service that offers reliable and easy-to-manage security 100 percent of the time.

This commitment to the highest quality performance and security prompted the team at WiFi SPARK to partner with Umbrella for Managed Service Providers. As Malkin explained, “We needed the best protection available. Umbrella is known for 100 percent uptime and cloud-based services that are easy to deploy and simple to manage.” Additionally, Umbrella for MSPs offers Malkin and the WiFi SPARK team the ability to remotely manage Web filtering and Internet security for all clients through a unified Dashboard.

That Umbrella can be remotely can be remotely deployed and managed is a key benefit for WiFi SPARK. The team can use the Web-based Dashboard to easily identify and group clients by sector, assess network activity and make changes or monitor traffic from anywhere, on any Internet-connected device. “It is key for our business to be able to manage all our sites remotely,” Malkin said. “Every service we install or manage can be remotely monitored so that in the event of any issue, we can quickly take action without the end user being disrupted from work.”

In addition to quick, easy deployment and robust reporting and management tools, Umbrella provides WiFi SPARK with world-class support and branding opportunities that both further their client relationships. Malkin explains, “If I have a question or technical issue, I always get a detailed response and solution the same day. The branded, customized block page is also incredibly useful. When customers submit sites for review, we receive a detailed email which allows us to investigate the matter promptly.”

Malkin concluded: “Adding Umbrella to our tool belt has allowed us to focus on running our own core wireless network solutions and further develop new features. Knowing that we can offer security solutions with guaranteed 100 percent uptime reassures us that there are no weak links in the chain.”


  1. Malware protection and Web filtering with 100 percent uptime
  2. Cloud-based services that are easy to deploy and simple to manage
  3. Remotely-manageable security solutions, managed for all clients through a unified Dashboard
  4. World-class support
  5. Branding opportunities built right in