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Business Security Solutions

Meeting the needs of security practitioners, incident responders, and IT professionals at organizations large and small.

Solutions by Need

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  • Network Security

    Cloud-delivered security using the Internet’s existing infrastructure to block attacks without sacrificing performance.

  • Extend Threat Protection

    Detecting threats on the corporate network is good. Blocking threats on any device, anywhere is better.

  • Off-Network Coverage

    Restore security benefits for devices and users outside your perimeter or where none exists

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  • Combat Targeted Attacks

    Identify targeted attacks by comparing security activity to the world’s security activity. Investigate where on the Internet related attacks will emerge.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Automate protection against advanced attacks by predicting and preventing emergent threats

  • Faster Incident Response

    Predict and focus your response to targeted attacks with global intelligence

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  • Cloud Services Report

    Shine light on Shadow IT to discover which cloud services are used by employees at your organization.

  • Web Filtering

    Enforce acceptable Web use to comply with internal policies or external regulations such as CIPA

  • Protect Guest Wi-Fi Hotspots

    Provide guests safe and secure Internet access to protect your brand and network reputation

Solutions by Industry