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CIPA Compliance

The easiest way to achieve CIPA compliance at your school or library without an appliance

Whether you’re protecting one school or an entire district, Umbrella is the most cost-effective way to ensure your school or library’s compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
CIPA compliance, essential for US schools to receive e-Rate funding, requires that schools and libraries protect children from adult content on the Web. Umbrella makes it easy to block objectionable content at K-12 schools.


  • Per-User Reporting and Filtering

    Umbrella integrates with your Active Directory server for filtering and reporting by user, computer or group membership.

    If you don’t use Active Directory, you can still grant specific students or teachers access to sites that are blocked for others using block page bypass functionality.

  • Customize Filtering Settings to Match Your Needs

    In addition to the adult content you need to block for CIPA compliance, you can also choose from 60 content categories, and maintain your own whitelist and blacklist of domains.

  • Easy to Deploy and Manage

    Deploy Umbrella across all of your schools’ networks in less than thirty minutes with a simple change to your router settings.

    Umbrella’s protection extends to all devices connected to your network — including staff or student phones — seamlessly, without any client-side software.

  • Make Changes from Anywhere

    Using the Umbrella dashboard, you can make filtering and security settings to any school or library network anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

    Umbrella is attractively priced for K-12 schools and libraries. Unlike appliance-based solutions, you won’t need any additional maintenance or hardware contracts.

  • We have seven sites throughout South and East Los Angeles, and when our teachers or administrators request changes, it’s imperative that the educational process isn’t obstructed because of a delay in applying those changes. The OpenDNS dashboard allows us to make changes to any of our sites from any device where we have an Internet connection.

    Matthew Peskay, Director of Technology