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Umbrella Cloud Service

Web security delivered & managed entirely in the cloud

Choose Umbrella for the most scalable, global platform. No hardware to buy and manage, and no network topologies to change.

Umbrella is a cloud-delivered service that can be quickly and easily deployed across one to 1,000’s of locations without the need to install hardware. Set-up and deployment takes 30 minutes or less. All provisioning, management and reporting is done through the cloud-managed dashboard that’s accessible from anywhere and at any time, enabling businesses to simplify their networks and reduce ongoing costs.


  • Scales With Your Business

    As a cloud-delivered service, Umbrella scales seamlessly to accommodate your growing business needs. As you add new networks, locations or devices, simply add them to your account through the cloud-managed dashboard, assign policies to them and you’re done.

  • No New Latency and No Bandwidth Bottlenecks

    Umbrella operates at the DNS layer so there is no latency added to your Internet communications. In addition, Umbrella can scale to handle your growth in bandwidth usage without the need to upgrade or increase service usage amounts. Our service will never be the bottleneck on your network ensuring that your users can access the Internet resources they need while remaining protected.

  • Global Footprint with High Availability and Reliability

    Umbrella operates 24 global datacenters, ensuring quick responses for more than 50 billion DNS queries daily and coverage for businesses and employees anywhere in the world. Umbrella users have experienced zero downtime since service inception in 2006. Our unique architecture guarantees both that you connect to our closest datacenter, and will automatically and transparently fail over to the next closest datacenter if the original is unavailable.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

    Umbrella requires no hardware, and works seamlessly with your current network environment. With its simple deployment and easy to manage approach, you save both time and money allowing you to focus on other projects. Use our TCO savings calculator to see how much you will save.

  • Even if Umbrella was price neutral or more expensive, it would still be the best model for us in our fight against malware. Fortunately, it actually offers us a lower total cost of ownership and allows us to remain leading edge and up-to-date with almost no maintenance on our part.

    Gabe DiSarro, IT Director