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Cloud-delivered Network Security

OpenDNS delivers cloud-based security using the Internet’s existing infrastructure. Thereby, we block attacks without sacrificing performance.

“Are you saying that OpenDNS can see activity that my next-generation firewall, secure Web gateway and even sandbox cannot?” Yes!

Once these products see a new IP connection, they use reactive reputation feeds, a proxy, or real-time payload analysis to detect threats. OpenDNS takes a different approach. We analyze Internet infrastructures to discover where attacks are staged. Our predictive intelligence is enforced in the cloud before a connection is even made.


  • Keep malware from compromising your systems

    Rather than explain how our Security Graph technology stops malware, we’ll share results from a few OpenDNS customers. At FLEXcon, we reduced malware infections by 98% for 1000 employees, which translated to saving 1.7 months of total user downtime. And we reduced the number of infections from nearly four per day to one every few days for Pennoni’s 950 employees.

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  • Stop botnets from exfiltrating your data

    Investing in security with the hope of having 100% prevention is ultimately impossible. A determined attacker will always find a way to install malware onto at least one system. One of OpenDNS’s most valuable capabilities is our security visibility into infected devices’ botnet (aka “command & control”) activity. By containing botnet callbacks and identifying which attacks are targeting your business, we help protect your business from breaches.

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  • Avoid fraudulent sites that phish your employees

    Today’s targeted spear phishing can fool even trained security professionals. And despite programs to make employees aware of best practices, they still use the same passwords to access corporate apps. In 2006, we created and still operate PhishTank—the first and most successful collaborative clearinghouse for phishing information on the Internet. And now we use our big data analytics to predict where phishing sites will emerge.

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  • Umbrella protects us far better than other solutions because it stops threats from ever entering our network. It’s a feature I wouldn’t want to be without as it keeps our users safe and reduces the amount of work we have to perform repairing machines that have been infected.

    Ryan Pierce, network engineer