Security for Critical Infrastructure Sectors

From energy and utilities to chemicals and manufacturing, OpenDNS delivers automated protection against advanced attacks that target critical infrastructure.

Cyber attacks happen. Everyone is telling you, “you are a target… you are at risk of being breached… you do not know it yet.” Now governments are pressuring us to do more. But it is not like you have been ignoring security. You have invested in new network security solutions, deployed more boxes, yet some threats still get through. The problem is that attackers are more motivated and sophisticated than ever. They adapt their techniques immediately if their attacks are thwarted, while we are encumbered with change control procedures and budgets. Rather than try to prevent each new attack with a new solution, perhaps we can amplify the threat protection we already have, and learn about emergent threats before the next attack happens. OpenDNS enables your team to do this by providing threat protection like no other.


  • Predict and prevent attacks before they happen

    We are often asked, “really, how do you predict attacks?” OpenDNS continuously observes attackers’ infrastructures to predict where threats will emerge on the Internet. Our global network enables this feat by providing our data scientists and threat researchers unique Internet visibility on a global scale unlike any other security player. Behavioral analysis sandboxes must wait for an attack to reach your networks to detect it, whereas we prevent Internet connections from ever being established. Secure Web Gateways only proxy a few ports, whereas we see all ports to detect infected devices phoning home to botnets. Using our predictive intelligence, we complement your existing security solutions by preventing malicious Internet connections at the DNS layer. We do not claim to magically predict 100% of attacks, yet we predict a lot that others cannot even detect in real-time.

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  • Amplify threat protection beyond the perimeter

    Do you already have a solution like FireEye? Does it detect attacks that bypassed other solutions? Wouldn’t it be amazing to extend its intelligence beyond just the networks and devices sitting behind security appliances? Some say, “Our VPN effectively does this.” But that assumes it is always on—that users will not disable it when it slows down the Internet, and that users will keep it on as they use cloud apps. Attackers target weak points, such as off-network laptops and remote offices that are not protected by FireEye and other security appliances. We can solve this issue. Within seconds of FireEye detecting an attack at the perimeter, a seamless integration with OpenDNS’s cloud platform provides worldwide coverage against this same attack.

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  • Investigate security incidents and combat targeted attacks

    When your incident response team reviews security events collected by your SIEM they only see the activity generated by your networks and devices. But how do they know how serious each event is without any global perspective? For example, are we one of the only companies to encounter such a threat? Or are we the first to encounter it? What else is the threat associated with?

    We can help, because we share our predictive intelligence directly with your team, so they can be more proactive. Every day, we monitor millions of security events impacting our 65 million users. This global scale provides context to your security activity, which enables your team to focus their time on targeted attacks.

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