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Network Security for Enterprise and Large Businesses

The world’s largest companies need the world’s largest Internet security network.

Umbrella provides Fortune 100 companies, and hundreds of global enterprises we count as customers, with an Internet-wide layer of security that both prevents malware infections, and contains infected, botnet-controlled devices from phoning home. Deploy in minutes, entirely in the cloud. No other security service like it exists.

Why Umbrella for your company?

You want to reduce malware infections and the risk of network breaches or data theft. And traditional network perimeter and endpoint security solutions – such as firewalls and antivirus software – are not keeping up because they are reactive in nature, and lack the high-level of collective discovery needed to combat advanced security attacks. Umbrella delivers advanced threat protection using our DNS-based filtering, OpenDNS Security Graph and Intelligent Proxy, which complements your existing network and endpoint security. And also can replace your current Web Filter or Secure Web Gateway products that lack the efficacy, performance or manageability to meet all your needs. Learn more about our efficacy.

You need a solution that can cover off-network workers or students, user-owned devices (BYOD), distributed branch offices or guest Wi-Fi networks.


  • Big-data-powered Advanced Threat Protection

    OpenDNS’s cloud-hosted Intelligent Proxy service protects against advanced and unknown threats by leveraging the predictive intelligence of the OpenDNS Security Graph – routing only high-risk or suspicious Web connections for deeper inspection – while still providing a blanket of security using DNS filtering. The result is a powerful layer of security enforcement that doesn’t compromise performance.

  • The Most Scalable & Reliable Network Security Available

    OpenDNS operates the world’s largest Internet security network with 23 global Anycast load-balanced data centers and 100% uptime since service inception in 2006. Through its unique DNS-based approach, Umbrella is able to provide enterprise-class network security, ┬áthreat intelligence and Web filtering without impacting network resources or becoming a bottleneck for network traffic. Umbrella scales seamlessly to accommodate Internet usage growth in the enterprise requiring no future hardware upgrades.

  • Everything-you-love-about-the-cloud Manageability

    Umbrella is a cloud-delivered service that can be deployed across multiple distributed locations simply and effortlessly, providing enterprises with the lowest TCO. No hardware is required, reducing the upfront cost and time to deploy. Provisioning, management and reporting for all networks and off-network devices is done through the cloud-managed dashboard.

  • Easily Control Internet Access Across All Devices

    Umbrella is the most powerful yet simple solution available for enforcing acceptable use and compliance policies, limiting legal liability and enhancing productivity. And unlike other services, Umbrella is cloud-delivered and immediately takes effect across all devices connected to your network, and those that leave, helping you remove the complexity around managing security for off-network laptops and mobile devices.

What Customers are Saying

  • Since deploying Umbrella the number of malware-related help desk tickets have been reduced by at least 90 percent or more and reports of malware originating on our network are essentially a thing of the past. Umbrella is a part of what allows us to do more with less management, expense or worry.

    Gabe DiSarro, IT Director