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Network Security for
Higher Education

The easiest, most powerful way to secure your campus network

Eliminate malware, botnet and phishing threats. Uniquely protect all network-connected devices. Deploy in minutes, entirely in the cloud. Join the world’s leading universities and use Umbrella.

Why Umbrella for your college or university?

Umbrella, used by hundreds of college and universities today, uniquely provides an Internet-wide layer of security that both prevents malware infections and contains infected, botnet-controlled devices from phoning home. The result: Our DNS-based approach means malware can’t get in, and bots can’t connect to your network and wreak havoc.

No other service like it exists and if you’re like many of the world’s leading universities that we count as customers, you’ll soon find it the most indispensable service you run on your network.


  • Simple to deploy and easy to manage.

    Umbrella’s cloud-delivered, DNS-based service can be deployed across an entire university in a matter of minutes with no impact to any network resources. There is no hardware or software to install. Simply point DNS traffic to our global network. And our partnerships with Aruba, Cradlepoint, and Aerohive make provisioning Umbrella as simple as a checkbox.

  • Universities often have network backbones that provide large bandwidth connections to their campuses for research and learning needs. Unlike other services that use tough-to-scale, traditional on-premises hardware, Umbrella scales seamlessly with a university’s bandwidth needs. All of this without adding latency, requiring costly upgrades or introducing an additional point of failure.

  • Eliminate malware and botnets, while providing an open Internet environment.

    Umbrella’s unique DNS approach to security lets colleges and universities offer a secure, yet open Internet environment through a proactive layer of protection that prevents malware infections and botnet threats.