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K-12 Schools & Non-Profits

The smartest way to meet CIPA compliance and protect students, teachers and 1:1 programs

Thousands of K-12 school districts rely on Umbrella by OpenDNS for Web filtering and security that uniquely protects all Internet-connected devices.

Why Umbrella for your K-12 school or district?

With nothing to download or install, Umbrella is the absolute favorite Web security service of K-12 school districts. As more schools embrace 1:1 programs, tablets and mobile devices, Umbrella enables IT administrators to seamlessly extend Web filtering and Internet security to all devices, even those that leave campus.

Umbrella’s no-manual-required, easy deployment means the cloud-based Web filtering service can be up and running district-wide in a day. Read on to see why Umbrella is fast becoming ubiquitous in K-12 schools.


  • Reduce deployment and management overhead and lower total cost of ownership.

    K-12 schools are constantly under budget constraints and must try to do more with less. With Umbrella’s cloud-based service, K-12 schools receive a powerful Internet security solution that helps them achieve CIPA compliance at a fraction of the total cost of ownership of on-premises solutions. Deployment across an entire school district takes less than 30 minutes and all management is done through the Web-based dashboard, reducing the amount of effort needed by IT staff.

  • Ensure CIPA compliance to gain access to E-rate program discounts.

    Umbrella ensures your compliance with regulations that protect students from harmful online content. Umbrella is the easiest way to achieve CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliance necessary for E-rate funding.

  • Enforce your school district’s acceptable usage policy instantly, across all devices.

    The Internet is an integral component in the K-12 learning environment. Uncontrolled Internet access can lead to students reaching harmful sites or to sites that consume valuable bandwidth. Umbrella’s Web filtering allows you to easily enforce your school’s acceptable use policy. And unlike other content filtering services that require software on every machine, Umbrella is cloud-based and will take effect across all Internet-enabled devices instantly.

  • Protect students and school computers from the latest Internet security threats.

    Internet usage in the classroom continues to grow as security threats increase in sophistication and prevalence. IT administrators are spending more time cleaning compromised devices, leaving them with less time to enable a productive learning environment. Umbrella provides an effective proactive layer of protection to prevent malware and botnet threats from infecting machines which saves K-12 schools both time and money.

  • We have seven sites throughout South and East Los Angeles, and when our teachers or administrators request changes, it’s imperative that the educational process isn’t obstructed because of a delay in applying those changes. The OpenDNS dashboard allows us to make changes to any of our sites from any device where we have an Internet connection.

    Matthew Peskay, Director of Technology

  • Our previous content filtering solution was the Achilles heel for the network. Anytime it had a performance problem it was felt everywhere since all http traffic went through these appliances. With Umbrella we no longer have to worry about performance or scalability.

    Jeff Letourneau, Executive Director