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Network Security for
Legal & Professional Services

OpenDNS provides a cloud-delivered network security service that automates protection for any device, anywhere, against advanced attacks.

The professional services industry, especially the legal sector, have always been early adopters of advanced technology. To deliver superior customer service you’ve enabled a work anywhere, anytime, on any device environment. You’ve embraced technologies to mobilize data, apps and users so your business can collaborate and scale on-demand with your clients’ needs. Yet the data that clients share with you is highly sensitive, and requires the highest-levels of security to keep from leaking into the wrong hands. Your brand reputation relies on it, so how do you maximize productivity without sacrificing protection?


  • Protect your firm’s and clients’ data from threats

    OpenDNS not only blocks malware, botnets and phishing over any port, protocol or app, but also detects and contains advanced attacks before they can cause damage. We complement your existing security controls (e.g. firewalls, intrusion prevention, antivirus, sandboxes) by providing a unique layer of Internet-wide security enforcement that will prevent or contain threats before any other security solution even knows about them. And we pinpoint devices infected or users targeted by advanced attacks to reduce the time to remediation

  • Maximize employee productivity

    Drastically reduce the number of malware infections disrupting your employees and tying up your IT team from other projects. Concurrently, ensure that security will not slow things down or add hurdles when accessing data. With OpenDNS there is no added latency, as there is no need to reroute every connection through proxy or VPN gateways to secure mobile users or remote offices. Our solution stays always up-to-date with no hardware to install, no software to maintain and no admin intervention required. And the OpenDNS Global Network has proven reliability, handling more than two percent of the world’s Internet requests daily with 100 percent uptime.

  • Worldwide coverage in minutes

    OpenDNS instantly secures devices–even those you don’t own–across all decentralized networks via clientless DHCP. And easily secures devices inside or outside the network perimeter via auto-updated, lightweight endpoint footprint for Windows or Mac OS X. With Umbrella Platform, OpenDNS can seamlessly extend on-premises threat protection such as FireEye to devices and sites beyond the perimeter using turnkey and custom API-based integrations.