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Umbrella for MSPs

Now Managed Service Providers can decrease malware infections on client networks by 80%, beyond what traditional antivirus allows. With fewer infections, MSPs free up the technical resources necessary to improve margins while focusing on growing the business.

Why Umbrella for Managed Service Providers?

Umbrella’s cloud-delivered Web security prevents malware infections without impacting performance or adding administrative overhead, making it the ideal solution for Managed Service Providers. Umbrella includes desktop, roaming laptop and even BYOD protection that can be deployed in just minutes, and all customers can be managed from a single cloud-managed dashboard. Join the thousands of MSPs who leverage Umbrella to protect their clients and improve their margins


  • Prevent Malware and Contain Botnets

    Provide your customers with an Internet-wide layer of proactive security that complements existing endpoint and network perimeter security solutions and strengthens your defense-in-depth strategy. Umbrella’s inbound and outbound protection prevents malware from infecting clean devices and stops botnets from stealing critical information from compromised devices.

  • Multi-Tenant Dashboard and MSP Console

    Manage all your customers, their networks and devices through a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Easily create and provision customer organizations from an MSP portal allowing your employees to manage all your customers from a single login.

  • Licensing Designed for MSPs

    The Umbrella MSP console allows you to create, delete and resize customer subscriptions on-demand, in seconds. OpenDNS also makes Umbrella licensing easy by offering volume pricing for your entire license pool, and monthly billing for qualified providers.

  • Secure Roaming Laptops Against Malware Infections

    Umbrella offers a lightweight agent to protect your customers’ computers, wherever they roam. It’s easy to deploy using RMM tools, and simple to configure in your Dashboard. The agent automatically routes DNS traffic from Mac and Windows laptops to the closest OpenDNS data center and applies the security or filtering policies you assign. There’s no local scanning or signature files to update since policy is applied in the cloud via lists that are updated in real time. It’s completely seamless and transparent to the end user.

  • Easy-to-Manage Web Filtering

    At the same time you deploy Umbrella’s advanced threat protection, you can easily apply acceptable use or compliance policies for your clients. Umbrella offers 60 Web filtering categories, customizable blacklist and whitelist options, and Block Page Bypass.

  • ConnectWise Integration

    Umbrella features a reporting integration with ConnectWise PSA. Enabling the integration is easy and allows anyone in an MSP organization to be the virtual CIO. Important data like amount of malware blocked, top domains and security coverage is pushed to an auto-created OpenDNS configuration type. This makes it easy to describe the value of your security service and provide insights into what customer users are doing on the Internet – all without leaving your PSA.

  • We’ve seen an 80 percent decrease in malware on the networks that are using Umbrella. Our clients’ uptime means everything to us, and Umbrella helps us make sure no time or devices are lost to crippling malware infections.

    Gray Mabry, CEO of iVenture

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