Off-Network Coverage

OpenDNS restores network security benefits for devices and users outside the perimeter or where none exists.

Companies are adopting cloud apps and enabling mobile workforces. While it boosts productivity, it allows mobile users to bypass their VPN clients and remote offices to abandon site-to-site VPN (or MPLS) services. Some startups or business units lack any data center with app servers even, which eliminates the notion of a perimeter. The result is that sensitive data can be stored and communicated without a perimeter to enforce network security. To solve these problems, all Umbrella packages secure devices running Windows, Mac OSX or iOS outside the network perimeter or where none exists without adding latency or complexity.


  • Signatureless protection
    Prevent malware infections that evade signature-based antimalware solutions. Contain multi-protocol botnet callbacks that evade proxies. And block phishing attempts that are even more deceptive on devices with mobile browsers and touchscreen interfaces. OpenDNS’s predictive intelligence protects against unknown threats. Plus, the Umbrella Platform package includes our FireEye integration, which extends FireEye’s threat protection to devices outside the perimeter.

  • Superior performance
    With OpenDNS there is no added latency, as there is no need to reroute every connection through proxy or VPN gateways to secure mobile users or remote offices. Our Roaming Client for Windows or Mac OSX is extremely lightweight with near-zero CPU or RAM usage. It simply tags DNS queries bound for the Internet by device name, then encrypts and forwards them to OpenDNS to be resolved instead of the local network’s ISP. And the OpenDNS Global Network has proven reliability, handling more than two percent of the world’s Internet requests daily with 100 percent uptime.

  • No software to maintain
    Our Roaming Client and Mobile App are updated automatically without user intervention or reboots as soon as a new version is available. Plus, setup in minutes using Windows GPO, Apple Remote Desktop or a MDM solution. The client offers command line installations, and can be run in “head” or “headless” mode. And Umbrella does not scan the device, so there are no false positives that add on-going administrative burden.