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Secure Decentralized Retail, Hospitality & Healthcare Networks

Centralized network security and management for all your locations and networks.

Deploy cloud-based Umbrella and uniquely protect all connected devices.

Why Umbrella for your business?

Whether you have five or 5,000 locations, Umbrella was designed with your company in mind, enabling retailers, hospitality and healthcare providers like you to easily and reliably provide a fast, safe and appropriate Wi-Fi Internet experience to everyone accessing your networks. Prevent malware, contain botnets, and enforce your acceptable use policy across numerous locations, while monitoring all your networks through a single, centralized dashboard.

Join the world’s most trusted retail, hospitality and healthcare brands and deploy the cloud-based service across all locations in just a day. You’ll soon find Umbrella to be your most indispensable security service.


  • Dead simple cloud-based deployment and management. No on-site appliance or software.

    Since Umbrella is a cloud-based service, it can be quickly and easily deployed across 100’s or 1000’s of locations in a single day. Simply point DNS traffic to our global network. And our partnerships with Aruba, Cradlepoint, and Aerohive make provisioning Umbrella as simple as a checkbox.

  • Protect your guests, employees and networks from attacks.

    By allowing unmanaged devices to connect to our networks, we assume the risk that malware now resides within our perimeters. We may not be able to prevent that, but we can contain damage by not allowing malware to flood our networks with traffic or use our networks’ good reputation to launch attacks against other organizations. Umbrella not only protects guest and employee devices against new malware infections, but also contains the ability of their infected devices from launching attacks via your networks.

  • Provide an appropriate Internet experience for employees and guests.

    Umbrella allows you to block inappropriate sites using up to 60 content categories, so you can balance offering valuable Internet access with ensuring a family-friendly, productive environment.

  • Manage access to bandwidth-intensive sites to improve network performance.

    Control which types or categories of websites that end users can access with Umbrella. Easily see which websites are most bandwidth-intensive for your networks — like P2P and video streaming — and block problem content, freeing up bandwidth.