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OpenDNS Phishing Protection

The easiest way to protect your family from fraud and identity theft.

OpenDNS is the easiest way to protect you from identity theft websites known as “phishing.”

With so many tempting, fraudulent websites on the Internet it’s hard to know what’s safe to click. Thankfully phishing emails and websites that aim to trick you into handing over┬ápersonal or financial information are caught and immediately blocked by OpenDNS.

Even though they often appear to come from a trusted bank or online service, OpenDNS takes the guesswork out of spotting these dangerous links and protects everyone on your network. Even if a link manages to trick you, OpenDNS prevents the phishing website from loading.


  • OpenDNS runs PhishTank the authority on phishing

    OpenDNS runs the leading anti-phishing effort on the Internet,, which allows us to provide you the best available anti-phishing service. PhishTank empowers the world’s largest companies and research organizations to work together to fight phishing. And at the center of that effort is OpenDNS. Our phishing protection is so good that companies like Yahoo!, Microsoft and Facebook look to us to help protect their customers. Get the best protection available straight from the source at OpenDNS.

  • The most trusted and recommended anti-fraud and identity theft protection service

    Recommended by the New York Times, PC World and leading publications. Trusted by more than 1-in-3 US public schools to protect students and staff.

    Looking for business network security? OpenDNS can also help protect your company from phishing and other cyber threats.

Philadelphia School

Philadelphia School

  • If you get tricked into going to a phishing site, OpenDNS will block it for you. Both cool and useful for staying safe online.

    USA Today Phishing

  • The best solution I’ve found for protection from phishing: OpenDNS.

    PC World Phishing