OpenDNS Partners

OpenDNS partners with leading security and IT organizations to protect mutual customers with predictive security on any device, anywhere, anytime.

We make it easy for MSPs to deliver security

OpenDNS partners with MSPs to reduce the time spent remediating malware infections by up to 80%. Umbrella’s cloud-delivered network security prevents malware infections and contains botnets without impacting performance or adding administrative overhead. Umbrella for MSPs offers desktop, roaming laptop, and BYOD security in minutes.

PSA integration for MSPs

Through integration with ConnectWise and Autotask, OpenDNS has created a simple way to deliver enterprise-level security services to MSPs’ customers. It provides everyone in your organization with greater visibility that leads to reduced costs, increased profits, and improved customer retention.

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Technology integrations to amplify protection

OpenDNS partners with the world’s leading organizations to enable our joint customers to extend protection to any device, anywhere, anytime. We build seamless technology integrations with partners that can be set up in minutes. You can immediately amplify threat protection without sacrificing performance or manageability. With network security services that drastically reduce the risk and impact of security breaches, and Web filtering services that address compliance requirements, we have our joint customers covered.

Amplify FireEye’s threat protection

Using OpenDNS and FireEye together, customers can extend the secure FireEye perimeter to the cloud and protect any device, anywhere, against advanced attacks before they can cause damage.

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