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Data Center Locations

Our geographically distributed data centers enforce security policies for business users; parental controls for home users; and provide the fastest, most reliable DNS resolution for 65 million active users in over 160 countries daily.

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Location Facility Peering Fabric IPv4 IPv6
Amsterdam, NL TeleCity 1 AMS-IX 2620:0:cc4::/48
Ashburn, US Equinix Ashburn Equinix Ashburn 2620:0:ccb::/48
Berlin, DE E-Shelter Berlin BCIX Berlin 2a04:e4c0:11::/48
Bucharest, RO NXDATA-1 InterLAN-IX 2a04:e4c0:14::/48
Chicago, US Equinix Chicago Equinix Chicago 2620:0:cc5::/48
Copenhagen, DK Global Connect Copenhagen 2a04:e4c0:13::/48
Dallas, US Equinix Dallas Equinix Dallas 2620:0:cc6::/48
Frankfurt, DE Equinix Frankfurt DE-CIX 2620:0:cc7::/48
Hong Kong, CN Mega iAdvantage HKIX 2620:0:cce::/48
Johannesburg, ZA Teraco/EOH NAPAfrica IX 2a04:e4c0:30::/48
London, GB Telehouse North LINX / LoNAP 2a04:e4c0:10::/48
Los Angeles, US Equinix Los Angeles Equinix Los Angeles 2620:0:cc8::/48
Miami, US NAP of the Americas NAP of the Americas 2620:119:13::/48
New York, US Telx New York NYIIX / Equinix New York 2620:0:cc9::/48
Palo Alto, US Equinix Santa Clara PAIX 2620:0:cc3::/48
Paris, FR Telehouse Paris 2 (Voltaire) FranceIX 2a04:e4c0:12::/48
Prague, CZ Sitel Prague/CE Colo Prague NIX CZ 2a04:e4c0:15::/48
Seattle, US Equinix Seattle SIX 2620:119:12::/48
Singapore, SG Equinix Singapore Equinix Singapore 2620:0:cca::/48
Sydney, AU Equinix Sydney Equinix Sydney 2620:0:ccf::/48
Tokyo, JP Equinix Tokyo JPNAP 2a04:e4c0:20::/48
Toronto, CA Equinix Toronto TorIX 2620:119:10::/48
Vancouver, CA Cologix VANIX 2620:119:11::/48
Warsaw, PL Linx Data Center Warsaw PLIX 2a04:e4c0:16::/48