OpenDNS Parental Control Solutions

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OpenDNS Family Shield

Pre-configured to block adult content. Set it and forget it. Free.

  • Instantly blocks access to adult websites No complicated configuration

    FamilyShield is pre-configured to block adult websites across your Internet connection.  Just turn it on and go.  The filter is always up-to-date, adding new sites 24/7.

  • Flexible parental controls that protect every Internet-connected device in your home, instantly.

    When you set up FamilyShield on your router, every device in your home gets protected. That means everything: your kids' Xbox, Playstation, Wii, DS, iPad, and even their iPhone. Learn More

  • Built-in anti-fraud and phishing protection

    Take the guesswork out of identifying fraudulent sites. FamilyShield automatically blocks phishing and identity theft websites. Learn More

  • Makes your Internet faster and more reliable

    Setting up FamilyShield frees you of frustrating, intermittent Internet outages and makes Web pages load faster, which makes your overall Internet connection faster.

  • Free

    OpenDNS FamilyShield is free to use for home networks. Some limitations apply.

  • OpenDNS FamilyShield is easy to set up and works on all Internet-connected devices.

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  • OpenDNS FamilyShield is an easy-yet-solid way to control the content viewed on your home network.


  • Set up OpenDNS FamilyShield and adult sites will be blocked, no matter what browser you use.

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